Friday, April 21, 2017

Good-bye to Winter

Winter has left us, at least I hope it has so it is time to post some of my last "frosty" scenes.
Oh,I may re-visit winter when it gets too hot in summer, but for now, this will be the last wintery post.
All of the pictures were taken during the last few days of March,so keep that in mind. By now I am seeing green grass outside and the sunshine is warm and very pleasant.

An early morning visit to Lake Minniwasta,gave me this shot. These two were resting in the morning sunshine.

The lake was still all covered with ice.

The morning sunlight was creating shadows on the frozen lake.

I'm always looking for birds to photograph. This is one I had mixed feelings about.This is the Stars (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society ) helicopter leaving our local hospital. I am thankful we have access to this service, but also know that someone inside this chopper is very sick. That particular week we had this helicopter in our area at least four times.

 A spring visit to the Pembina Valley was perfectly timed. The river had just broken up.

That swift water would have been icy cold.

Everywhere I looked there were huge chunks of ice.I had to take pictures, so here are several of those shots.

This one reminded me of a crystal. It was the cleanest one I saw.

Closing Thought:
Every day may not be good,but there is something good in every day.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Domestic and Wild Animals

I tend to post more bird pictures than other animals, so today I try to make up for that.
The first two photos are ones where I was glad to have a telephoto lens. I am a big chicken when it comes to large animals. I do think that they are beautiful, just don't make me get too close to them.

A leisurely drive along a familiar road, brought a sighting of a different sort. 
This big bull was standing in the perfect light of early evening and I thought he was rather handsome, as long as he stays on one side of the fence and I on the other.

Closer to the fence and the road, was another bull.This one has such curly hair on his head.He seemed inquisitive as to what I was doing.

Wild animals are the ones I get more photos of. During late winter the White-tailed Deer come out of the bushes, looking for any kind of food.They likely were finding some leftover sunflowers on this field.

Of course, when I stop the car, they immediately start to run away, so this is most often what I get.

Just west of my home town is a Bison farm.I find these animals quite fascinating,psossibly because they are enclosed in a very secure fence. Driving by there one day just about at sunset,I was able to capture this scene. I hope to get more shots of them and hopefully some of the young which will be born a little later.

Closing Thought:
The following thought applies to birds, flowers and even the animals:
Creation is filled with signs that point to the Creator.