Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Winter Birds

The winter in these parts can seem long, partly because the temperatures drop so low that I don't even care to go out.When a day of milder weather breaks the cold spell, that means getting out of the house and looking for photo opportunities.One place that often has Bald Eagles is near the Pembina Valley and also near a Hutterite Colony. On this particular day I saw several Eagles there.The Colony puts some refuse on the field so it is a ready buffet for the birds.

Always a thrill to see one of these, whether in the sky or perched somewhere.

There must have been some tasty treat right here.Two Black-billed Magpies and a Bald Eagle.These birds were quite a distance away so the quality of the shots is not great.

While sitting in the car, waiting for the eagles a group of Hutterite young folks were going for a walk down the road.I got this picture through the car window.

Later that same day the sky showed some interning cloud patterns.

The end of the day and the snowy field gives an idea of the cold weather.

Just to warm things up a little, here is a summer photo, complete with a butterfly.
Whether an Eagle in the sky or a small butterfly on a flower,God's fingerprint is on each one.

Closing Thought:

Every moment of the year has it’s own beauty…….
a picture which was never before and shall never be seen again.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Snowy Scenes and Coffee

I know that by this time of year we are all ready for spring, but in Manitoba,we still have some more winter to get through. Yes,it has been cold, at times, very cold, but sill there is some beauty around.Let's see what we can find on a drive in rural southern Manitoba. I'll make sure the heat is on in the car so we will stay warm.

We have had very little snow so far this winter, but earlier in the season we did have some. One thing we can be fairly certain about is that with the snow we will also have wind.Here you can see the snow drifting across the field.

I zoom in of the snow and we can see the details sculpted by the wind. I find this quite fascinating.

 A few old stalks are enough to hold up the snow and shape it into unique patterns.

The old Oak trees stand tall and barren a little hill.

In the roadside ditch more unique snow scapes have formed.

Well,we've made our way around the countryside, saw some interesting snow scenes and now we are back at my house. I think the coffee or tea is ready and waiting.Will you come in and join me?

Closing Thought:
When you think of memories you’ve made with friends, those memories become treasures.