Friday, February 24, 2017

A Cup of Coffee and Some Manitoba Winter

I have one more set of winter pictures to share. Each of these was taken, around the middle of January.
Steve, Kai and I went out for a Sunday afternoon drive to see what the conditions were out in the  country. So come along with me and see a little of what a Manitoba winter is like.

This is a well used road but with the blowing snow it has become  more difficult to drive. No I dd not go any further.I really had no desire to get stuck.

Here is  another road, also one that normally would be well used. I do think we went down this one. It was open, but likely would not be for very long. Our road maintenance crews have been kept very busy this winter, trying to keep the rural roads passable.

Back on my yard,Kai has a large hill to play on or slide down. I don't remember when we last had such large piles of snow on the yard.

The last three pictures were taken on a different day. It was calm, so no blowing snow and no partially closed roads, just beauty everywhere.

Upon closer inspection some of the snow has been sculpted into lovely shapes.

The force of the wind has carved detailed designs in the snow.

After all that snow, would you join me for a cup of coffee.please?
Do you take it black or-------

would you prefer it with some frothed milk?

Thanks for spending this time with me.I enjoyed your company and look forward to meeting here again.

Until we meet again,rememeber:
A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Harshness and Beauty of Winter

We are winding down with winter,I hope. I do mostly enjoy winter, but the really cold days are not what I enjoy.Winter has so much beauty, but it also has a very harsh side.Today I hope to show you both of these.

On  a sunny winter day one small tree casts a shadow on the snow. It may be cold, but from the warmth of my car it is still beautiful.

Somebody forgot to give this bird the memo, that he should fly south in fall. This one and a friend have been around all winter.You can tell it is cold by the way the heated birdbath is almost covered with frost. The Robins have come daily to get some warm water to drink.

Like I said, winter has a harsh side. The reality is that with all the snow we've had and then add some wind, roads begin to look like this.No,I did not try to drive through this, but might well have have made it.Since I was out here with the car and had no need to go further,I decided to turn around.

The wind has blown the snow into beautiful sculptures.

 I had Steve and Kai with me so despite the cold wind, pictures had to be made. They were both dressed very warmly, so really didn't feel the cold.

I also said that winter has a lot of beauty. An earlier snow that stuck to everything, created this kind of beauty. This has turned a small shrub into a work of art.

The wind blows where it will and in so doing, it creates unique and fascinating scenes. Just look at that sharp layer of snow blown over the edge of a snowdrift.I am always amazed at how the wind can do this. I guess I should not be amazed, because God directs the wind.

Thought for Today:
The whole world is a series of miracles, but we're so used to seeing them that we call them ordinary things.