Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flowers and Photo Fun

June is fast coming to an end.I am counting down the days to the end of school.Friday will be the last day for this school year. I look forward to two months of not watching the clock so carefully.

Today I have a few flowers from on my yard to share with you.
The Peonies are such a gorgeous flower.I love the full flowers and the deep colors.

I am trying a new plant this year.Not new in general, but new to me. This is a Mandevilla. I think it may be some sort of hybrids it does not vine very much at all, which I thought others did. Nevertheless the flowers are quite striking.

Now for some special shots, maybe not because of what it is, but because these were taken by granddaughter,Kai. This first one is the Mock Orange at the height of it's flowering.

She has a creative eye and got a couple of interesting pictures of the evergreens.

Attention to detail will be a good thing to hold on to. These are focused and the lighting is good.

Closing Thought:
A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it. 
It just blooms. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Spring Sunset

On a beautiful evening on May 9 of this year,I went to one of my favourite sunset spots,Lake Minniwasta. It was one of those evenings where all is well. It was calm, no bugs yet and a lovely view of the setting sun. I was there all by myself, but not for very long.

Can you see the speck in the middle of the picture? Is it aliens, or spies,what can this be? 

Actually I knew very well what it was as the operator, my son,Steve was standing beside me.
He had come to fly his drone over the lake and get a sunset view that way.

 The drone has a unique look when in flight. I liked how it looked against the sunset.

Bringing it in closer so that the drone is the only object in the picture.

Here is what Steve got from the drone.It gives a whole new perspective.

Yes,the sunset was beautiful.I was very happy that I had taken the time to go to the lake that evening.

When I turned around,I saw the full,or at least almost full moon in the eastern sky.

Closing Thought:
The wonders of the universe compel us to worship our wonderful God.