Friday, September 23, 2016

The International Peace Gardens

I am starting a short series of posts.For today and the following 10 posts,I will share pictures of my recent visit to the International Peace Gardens on the North Dakota/Manitoba border.
A friend and I spent several hours at these gardens and as you would expect,I came home with lots of pictures.

As we arrived in the parking lot, this peacock with a bright flowery tail greeted us.

 Making our way along we came to the newest sculpture in the Gardens.These hands, releasing a dove,sumbolizing peace was just put in place in July of 2016.

I had to get a picture of the small fountain. I like how the bubbles almost have a pinkish look to them.

I also like the looks of the tall grasses.

 Wherever you look there are flower beds, and each one was so pretty.

I love that our countries can agree enough to have these gardens.The towers you see are called The Peace Towers.One stands on Canadian soil and the other on American soil. Unfortunately these towers are due to be demolished, because of their age and deterioration. Some new structure will be put in their place.

Thought for today:
Because God is with us, we need not fear what lies ahead.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Look To The Skies

Today my post is all about the sky. This summer has been filled with amazing sky scenes.
I will keep my words to a minimum and instead share some verses from a perpetual calendar I have.

Good intentions will only take us so far——that's why we need Jesus.

When life doesn't seem to be going our way,we can take comfort in this——
it is going according to God's plan.

May our lives truly be a perpetual blessing to others.

Love is———being the first to say,"I'm sorry."

It's hard for us to go forward when we're looking back.

Let's scatter a few seeds of love today and watch what happens.

Every person on this planet is growing older by the minute!
Let's make those minutes count.