Friday, April 20, 2018

Timeless Beauty In Nature

Nature photos just never get old, at least in my opinion.These are all old photos that were taken before the digital era and scanned to the computer. I cannot take credit for any of these shots, but I know that man who took them, and I still am proud of the work he did.
Most of these scenes I do not know the location, but that does not diminish the beauty.

Mist over the water.

Look at those vibrant greens.

Fall in Manitoba.

This looks like it must be part of the Pembina Valley.

Overlooking our local golf course, advertised as one of the more scenic courses around.

This may well be the Pembina River.

Travelling through the Rocky Mountains.Note the snow beside the road.

I am guessing this is in Whiteshell Provincial Park,located about 2-3 hours east of where I live.

 This looks like a calendar scene to me.

Closing Thought:
Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from all the negative things.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

10 Rules For Happiness

I am still looking back at old pictures, captured by Jake and scanned to the computer. Back when he was taking these pictures, it was slide film and after taking the picture and the film was full, it meant at least a week of waiting for the slides to come back. I really believe that photographers back then were more careful to get that right shot,because each picture cost money. No,just hitting the delete button if it didn't turn out right.

For this post I will add 10 rules for happiness that I found on the internet.

1.Give something away to someone , with no strings attached.

2.Do a kindness to someone and forget it.
(For the record,I have no idea who these people are)

3.Spend a few minutes with the aged,their experience is a 

priceless guidance.

4.Look intently into the face of a baby,and marvel.

5.Laugh often,it is life’s lubricant.

6.Give thanks to the Lord,a thousand times a day is not enough.

7.Pray,or you will lose the way.

8.Work,with vim and vigor.

9.Plan as though you’ll live forever,because you will.

10.Live as though you’ll die tomorrow,because your body will on some tomorrow.

Closing Thought:
Show a little bit of love and kindness,
That's the way to make the world a happy place.